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Our instructors care a lot about the quality of our unique Karate. For several decades we've established good international contacts and regularly travel to countries nearby for even more trainings with Kofukan Masters in order to feel all these fine details first hand to implement our Karatedo and pass it on as precisely as possible. That's convenient for you in the dojo, 'cause we teach our very best in our training sessions while we practice daily and give several trainings per week.

The list below shows only a small extract of Kofukan Masters Seminars, only those that have been visited by Swiss Members in Switzerland, neighbour countries and Japan, but we have more member countries having their own seminars all around the planet.

For all of you who like travelling as much as we do and want to build and maintain strong international friendship to enjoy unforgettable experiences and adventures:

In our vicinity we have Kofukan in France (in and around Paris and Briançon), Slowenia (in and around Celje and Ljubliana), England (London, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire), Scotland, Guernsey, Norway (Oslo area), Sweden (around Stockholm), Denmark, Bulgaria (in and around Sofja), Russia (in and around Moscow), Belorussia (Minsk), Ukraine (Kiew) with plenty of very good Karatedo people.

Outside of Europe, Kofukan International is based on all five continents: North America with the US and Canada, South America in Argentina, several places in Arabia, Nepal and the Indian subcontinent, Australia, New Zealand, all over Africa and Japan, of course.

More info on request.

Swiss Kofukan Seminar List

Kofukan Zermatt
Kofukan Zermatt
Kofukan International Trip
Kofukan International Trip

Kofukan International offers our members opportunities to participate in Championships and Instructor Courses worldwide, Kofukan Black Belt Trips to Japan and more, that is unique to Kofukan International and can not be booked as a tourist...

...or have you ever lived with ZEN monks in a monastery up in the mountains ?
Do you know, what the Buddhist monks are doing at 5am and at 10pm ?
Have you ever trained a traditional martial art of which you have not even heard before ?
Have you ever invited a Kofukan Karateka to your home and found out, how similarly we are.

Take the chance ! We only life once.

Thanks for reading.

Kofukan Trip
Kofukan Trip
Kofukan Trip
Kofukan Trip